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Pest Control

Pest & Mosquito Control

Big Ron’s Tree Service is an arborist owned and operated company. Of the 12 people here, 4 of us are arborists. Our desire to help you make the best choices for your trees and property is a big part of our corporate culture. This is why I am pleased to announce that in conjunction with another arborist, Gene Sherwood of Greenwise Group, we formed Sherwood Forest Pest Control, LLC. We are now doing custom fertilization and pest control programs based on the needs of YOUR property, not a general “South Florida” fertilization mix or program that works “pretty good” for everyone. Science based custom treatment for each client is key to a healthy and beautiful pest-free environment. If you would like a free analysis of your property’s fertilization and pest control needs, please contact me or the Sherwood Forest Pest Control team. We will set up an appointment for a trained and tested professional to take a look at your property with you, and with your input, decide what is best for YOUR property. You have my direct contact information, but feel free to call Sherwood Forest Pest Control’s toll-free number at 844-DIE-PEST (844-343-7378)

Pest Control
South Florida is a wonderful place to grow, for critters as well as people. While many of the insects we have are beneficial for the environment, We have trained professionals on staff to help you decide what you don't want in your yard or home. Let us come up with a custom solution for your property, inside and out!

Mosquito Control
The ZIka Virus has arrived in South Florida. Even if they aren't carriers, mosquitoes are annoying and can turn a lovely day in the yard into a nightmare. Let us do an analysis of your property and talk to you about your needs. Together we can come up with a solution controlling mosquitos

Fertilization Services

Call Sherwood Forest Pest Control Services for all of these services, Allow us to do a free analysis of your needs so together we can decide what is best for you.


844-DIE-PEST (844-343-7378)