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Hurricane season approaches, be prepared!

I can't believe hurricane season is two weeks away After Florida got hit pretty hard last year, this year is predicted to be an average hurricane year, but all it takes is one. I'm what they used to call a "belt and suspenders" guy. I like to have plans, back up plans and emergency plans.…
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Big Ron’s Tree Service is 17 years old today!

Thanks for the many kind words about my annual update. I will continue! How was January this fast? So much going on, so much happening. I have always heard time passes quicker as you get older, I am really starting to understand that. SO many good things happen so quickly, it's like you don't have…
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How to Kill a Tree

How to Kill a Tree Few residential trees die of “old age” Mechanical damage and improper tree care kill more trees than any insects or diseases. Avoid making the tree-damaging mistakes shown in the diagram below! Click Here to Download PDF Royal Poinciana – Short-lived Elegance I love royal poinciana trees. The smooth bark, the…
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Happy New Year from Big Ron’s Family!

I want to thank all of my friends and clients, and clients who've become friends. 2021 was a heck of a year! Ups, downs, and just plain weirdness. Business growth is back, the pandemic is still here and the European Union has declared locusts and larvae a food. Our business has had similar ups and…
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